The List of Banking Services Provided by the BBVA Compass Bank

Established as the Compass Bank within the decade of the 1960s, the BBVA Compass is a banking corporation that has been based in Alabama with the present headquarters situated in Birmingham, Jefferson County. The Compass Bank’s father corporation, Compass Bancshares Incorporation, was attained by the Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria in the year 2007.

The name of the Bank was then transformed to the BBVA Compass Bank. BBVA is a worldwide Financial Banking Services Company established in Spain having functions in excess of 30 nations all over the globe and, starting from January 2012, positioned 30th all over the world as far as the total worth of its stocks is concerned.

The BBVA Compass functions are principally centered in Alabama, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and Texas. In the year 2012, the corporation had set up above 745 branches and above 13,000 employees all over its market space in the US. This bank is a state-commissioned bank and an associate of the Federal Reserve System.

Within this article, we will be discussing all the banking and financial services provided by the BBVA Compass Bank to its customers. The services that the BBVA Compass Bank offers are:

Digital Banking Services

Mobile Banking

Because of the hectic schedule that people have, we the corporation planned the award-winning Mobile Banking Application to support whatever and wherever you require making payments or transaction. From dropping checks and paying your bills to transfer cash and observing the account balance of your account, this Mobile Banking is one among the quickest, stress-free and most suitable methods to cope up with your bank accounts.

Applications for Quicker Payments

The Visa Cards issued by the BBVA Compass are entitled to registration in Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, which permits you to transfer money to the retailers straight from your smartphone or mobile gadget.

BBVA Wallet

The BBVA Wallet offers suitable control of the credit and debit cards issued to you by BBVA Compass. You might be able to initiate your fresh card, alter your PIN, setting up of account notifications, convert rewards electronically, and even momentarily or perpetually block the usage of the card.

Online Banking

The BBVA Compass Online Banking permits you to supervise your money whenever you desire, and wherever you would like to— the requirement is a valid Internet connection. Whether you have to pay your bills, go through the statements, or transporting funds, you might completely manage your bank accounts with the calmness that your cash and your personal data are going to remain harmless and protected.

Remote Banking

While you get a BBVA Compass Checking Account for yourself, you are going to be allocated a team of devoted janitor bankers at no additional price. They’re knowledgeable financial mentors who you may interact with by means of email, text, phone, or chat. You are going to be capable of taking care of nearly whatsoever you want distantly in place of visiting a branch setting, which saves your valued time as well as money.

ATM Banking

In case you supposed ATMs were only for extracting cash, you might not know about the BBVA Compass ATM currently. The BBVA Compass Bank ATMs provide you all-time entree to your bank account, every single day of the year, permitting you to set up the check or cash deposits, transferring money, draw cash, check the account balance, and also get the mini-statement. These ATMs are really fluent in English and Spanish equally and might communicate to the visually impaired or blind clienteles.

Commercial Banking Services

Liquidity Management

Get the much-needed benefits out of your cash deposits with approaches that enhance your everyday cash flow and place the indolent funds on work.

Working& Financial Capital

Discover custom resolutions as well as the industry-prominent gears to support your business in running competently and take advantage of the opportunities.

Treasury Management

Discover tools to assist you in enhancing the cash flow, speed entree to data, and systematize routine practices.

Insurance Services

Taking the correct insurance coverage is a vital fragment of any all-inclusive economic plan. Obtain the Coverage that you require – and the level-headedness you require – out of the names that you trust.

Bank Owned Properties

At this point, you might examine through bank retained properties obtainable for sale counting housing, commercial, and land. The listing of possessions is simplified frequently. Thus, in case you’re in out to purchase a house or other property; make it a point to check back regularly.


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